Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Down and Up Again

My other Bible site, was hacked... In fact it wasn't the website specifically but the hosting provider. The company that was hosting the site and several of my sites was a Christian hosting company. In the aftermath of the attack they released this:

"We found out why we were attacked by this Sarbot511 team... Our company is a Christian based company... we proclaim our faith publicly... We don't think they are attacking your website(s), but 2ip or Ichthys Media LLC in particular."

After the attack they tried to reset their servers but the new severs where compromised. In the end they announced that, "Due to this incident, 2ip cannot sustain the financial damaged caused by it. We have decided to close our services effective October 31, 2009. Our servers will remain online until October 31, 2009. Afterwards everything will be shutdown."

So I have had to get new hosting for my web sites... The website is back up which is great, however one other casualty seems to be Earley Christian Fellowship as it has dropped out of Google’s index which makes me fear it go dropped as Google saw it was hacked!!! I hope that in a few days it will be back in again!!!